Troubleshooting Tips For Activating A Secondary Hard Drive Controller In BIOS

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    If you enable the secondary hard drive controller in a BIOS error message on your PC, be sure to read these troubleshooting tips.


    enable the secondary hard drive controller in the bios

    “I have a desktop to which I also added a PCI based controller card, mostly RAID. The BIOS displays the card and I was able to set up the Raid safely without any problem. But when I try to install Windows, I get the error “Windows can no longer be installed on the hard drive. These system components may not support booting from the primary hard drive. Make sure the hard disk controller is enabled frequently in the BIOS menu of your computer. “

    Could you help me on the market to solve the problem, how to finally make sure that the hard disk controller is properly enabled in the BIOS selection of the computer? I would be very grateful for your help. ”

    Are you still facing the same problem? Can’t figure out what it can do and make sure the hard disk controller is enabled in the BIOS menu of your computer? Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right page. On this global website, we will discuss the various options for enabling the HDD controller BIOS through the menu.

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    How do I enable second SSD in BIOS?

    Restart your computer and after the first screen press the F2 key.Press Enter to enter the configuration.Select Serial ATA and press Enter.Then you will see the SATA Controller Mode option.Save changes and reboot your wonderful computer to enter BIOS.

    Bios에서 보조 하드 드라이브 컨트롤러 활성화
    Wlacz Dodatkowy Kontroler Dysku Twardego W Biosie
    Abilitare Il Controller Del Disco Rigido Secondario Nel Bios
    Vklyuchit Kontroller Vtorichnogo Zhestkogo Diska V Bios
    Activer Le Controleur De Disque Dur Secondaire Dans Le Bios
    Aktivera Den Sekundara Harddiskkontrollern I Bios
    Habilitar El Controlador De Disco Duro Secundario En La Bios

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