How Do You Deal With Troubleshooting Saniflo Compact?

If you receive saniflo compact troubleshooting error message, this article is written to help you.

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    My Saniflo keeps running and won’t shut down by itself
    My Saniflo is shaking violently
    My Saniflo starts up accidentally
    My Saniflo permanently cuts off the electrical system
    My Saniflo leaks frequently / foam and leaks through the vent
    My Saniflo air smells bad
    My Saniflo keeps getting stuck and guaranteed to reach the sink
    My Saniflo is spinning but not pumping too much


    Saniflo pumps are used to remove flushing waste from the drain line, which is a common feature in many households. The problem, however, is that powerful and quiet saniflo systems are needed, which are nevertheless much more compact to build. Saniflo pumps are more likely to clog, fail or break.

    How to fix Windows crashes

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  • To help you identify a potential problem with your Saniflo and save you the cost of repairing your Saniflo, we spoke with our in-house experts. Having moreWith over 40 years of experience in the industry, they were able to understand the most common Saniflo problems and how to solve them.

    My Saniflo Continues To Run And Does Not Necessarily Turn Off

    Why is my Saniflo not pumping?

    It could also be a blockage of the Saniflo pump itself. It is necessary to manually clean the reservoir and modify the pump. Clogged Saniflo drain hose. If this particular check valve is blockedvan, homeowners will find that the pump will often drain waste from Saniflo, but waste will come back when blocked.

    One of the most popular problems with Saniflo pumps is that they sometimes don’t stop. Here the pump rinses very vigorously and continues rinsing even when the grinder is free. Unfortunately, diagnosing the cause of this problem is not easy right now. It can be a theme or a mixture of themes. These include:

    • Clogged Saniflo chopper or Saniflo pump.
    • The outside of the Saniflo sewer is clogged.
    • The rubber diaphragm of the pump may be damaged.
    • Microswitch defective.


    First, disconnect most of the pump power from the mains. Then check to see if the specific pump breaker is blocked. If so, remove it. Toilet paper and / or dental floss can get stuck under the cutlery. To do this, use a pair of pliers to snap it in and turn this special blade counterclockwise to remove debris as you turn it Oote.

    This could also be the last lock of the current Saniflo device. This could be caused by the use of buds or other foreign objects interfering with the wheels. Most Saniflo pumps are undoubtedly under the engine when the water tank is in place. To access it, lift up the Saniflo motor and rotate the inverted console. Now you can see the pump wheels. Remove the blockage with precision pliers and also move the engine back.

    In addition, a problem in the water tank can cause this microswitch to malfunction. You may need to manually empty the reservoir and restart the pump.

    If the backflow preventer is blocked, you will have the impression that the pump is pumping waste from Saniflo, but the most important waste is then returned as a blockage. To get rid of this look, just take a pair of pliers, close the Saniflo cap and simply remove any blockage inside the check valve. If the return device is defective, it must be replaced.

    Common a problem when using Saniflo products is a faulty microswitch. Here, debris is dumped between the switch and the summer floor, giving the switch the feeling that the tank is full and needs to be flushed. You must empty the reservoir by hand and turn on the pump again.

    Another problem with microswitches is often that the rubber of the diaphragm can be damaged. It is a thin layer of rubber that presses the water against a running pump. If the membrane is damaged or seems to be losing its tightness, debris can enter the inside of the, I would say, switch and cause it to malfunction. If your pump is under warranty for a specific year, you may receive a system replacement. Otherwise, you will need to hire a Saniflo certified engineer to make the change.

    My Saniflo Is Shaking A Lot

    If your pump makes a terrible vibrating noise when you take it out of the toilet, you are probably carrying a foreign object stuck in some kind of macerator blade. You can call a service technician to pSolve this problem, or you can simply fix the pollution problem in your sessions and fix it yourself.


    Disconnect the station from the mains first. Never remove the Saniflo cover unless the button is turned off. Then wipe the cap and place it in my pump breaker. If it appears that the shredder is stuck, remove it. This can prove that a foreign object is tangled around the blade and causing friction. To remove utensils, put on your shoes with pliers and turn my blade counterclockwise to remove the item as it rotates.

    My Saniflo Continues Aimlessly

    How do you fix a blocked Saniflo?

    If the bullying is really a blockage, you will need to remove the same type of motor from the Saniflo and turn it over so that the drive wheels are visible. Use a small but effective pliers again to remove the blockage and insert the motor into the Saniflo.

    If your pump randomly stops at different times during an event, then at night there is probably a problem with your microswitch. This could be caused by a defect in the rubber layer that actuates the switch, or debris between the switch and the ground.


    The microswitch can sometimes malfunction if debris gets stuck between the control button and the bottom of the tank. This forces the switchThink that the storage tank is full and needs to be rinsed. To solve this problem, take off your casual clothing by hand, wipe off excess dirt near the microswitch and restart the pump.

    Why does my macerator keeps running?

    The grinder pump starts by itself If the grinder pump continues to run on its own, the microswitch may be defective. For problems to occur with this particular microswitch, the actual fault must be a faulty microswitch as the rubber diaphragm could be damaged.

    The rubber diaphragm is the thinnest part that water pressure is applied to to activate the sump. If the diaphragm is damaged or loses its tightness, the inscription of the switch may be damaged and cause a malfunction. You need to replace and replace the human rubber diaphragm.

    My Saniflo Permanently Cuts Off The Electrical System

    How do I know if my Saniflo is blocked?

    Saniflo blocks and saves water. If you find black water, the problem may be with the engine. The Saniflo could jam, which could also cause hum or hum and tie the box. You must empty the engine completely as soon as possible.

    The Saniflo water droplets that continually run the electrical system are indeed seriously damaged and should be handled with extreme care. Disconnect mains power before inspecting the pump. In this case, the engine gasket is most likely faulty. If the seal of the motor is damaged, the motor can be filled with water, which guarantees a thermal rupture in the pump’s electrical system.


    My Saniflo Also Leaks / Foams From The Air Intake

    saniflo compact troubleshooting

    If m The blood switch is badly worn, it may not work until the particular tank is sufficiently filled. In this case, on the last actuation of the microswitch, the centrifugal mechanism may allow wastewater to escape from the ventilation openings.



    The first thing families can try is to replace the rubber membrane that protects the microswitch. As the rubber ages, it can loosen and more and more pressure is required to activate the switch. If that doesn’t work, you may need to replace the microswitch assembly.

    My Saniflo Smells Bad

    When your pump is several years old, it is probably time to clean it thoroughly. Follow Saniflo Water’s instructions to learn how to properly clean your building.


    Buy a high quality Saniflo descaler. Do not try to use general cleaning chemicals or lighten it. These detergents are likely to damage pump components.

    My Keeps saniflo blocks and protects what a shower tray can do

    In this scenario, it looks like an interior dwelling or sewer pipe is clogged. Clogged drain hoses can sometimes occur when the drain hoses are indeed incorrectly installed. You can tell that your Saniflo was installed by mistake if the drain hose comes out of the filter at a 90 degree angle. The Saniflo drain pipe should, if possible, be installed at a 45 degree angle. This will often ensure that the pumped waste is carefully disposed of and cannot drain back into the tank.

    saniflo compact troubleshooting

    Note. This is due to one of the more common Saniflo fit issues. Please follow the instructions for installing Saniflo carefully or contact a qualified Saniflo technician.


    The first step is to remove all covers from the water tank or grinder. The hypothesis does not work, which means that the block is probably in a drain pipe. You will need a Saniflo certified engineer to remove and clean pipes. Make sure the lighters are installed at a 45 degree angle.

    My Saniflo Works, But In Fact Itnot Empty

    If the Saniflo unit works properly but does not inflate, your drain hose may be frozen. This usually happens in the winter, like frozen pipes in central heating systems.


    Turn off Saniflo first. At this point, you may need to remove some manual waste, especially if the supplies are about to overflow. Then take some popular towels and place them along the downpipe. This should clear the frozen cork and allow debris to take out.

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